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Space Shield

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Place satellites in orbit to protect Earth

Page Last Updated: May 1, 2012

System Requirements

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The goal of the game is to place seven satellites into orbit to act as a shield that will protect the Earth from a large electromagnectic pulse that was caused by Alein the Alien launching a probe into the sun (see episode 3). However, there is a lot of junk in orbit so in order to place the satellites you will need to dodge all the space junk. The satellite being placed is controlled by using the cursor keys or i,j,k,m keys if you prefer.

Story mode lets you go through the Twelve months of doomsday story where you only have to complete a single level to win.

Unlimited Mode is arcade like where you keep playing until you run out of lives. Each level will run at a faster pace than preceeding levels. Points are earned by landing on the targets and for finishing a level quickly.

This is part of the 12 Months of Doomsday series that I am going to be releasing in 2012 to celebrate the end of the world.

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