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location Blazing Games - Game Jam Collection - Ludum Dare #28

Schrodinger's Kitten

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The Theme for Ludum Dare #28 was "You only get one".

Last Updated: December 15, 2013


This game was created for the Ludum Dare #28 challenge. The game is simple, you want to collect as many kittens as you get in 10 rounds (zombie kittens count as half a kitten while dead kittens don't count at all). You select a door and the host will then randomly open a door. You are then given the opportunity of keeping the cat behind your door or the cat behind the remaining door. Score 60 or more points in 10 rounds to get the golden kitten. Remember the theme while playing and make wise choices to win. Source code is here.

Revision History

December 15, 2013 - Ludum Dare #28 release

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