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LocationBlazing Games - One of those Weeks - Day 7

One of those Weeks

One of those Weeks Episode day 7
The final day of the week


Page Last Updated: October 12, 2012


The episodes for this day were going to start in April of 2008, but I decided to start the release of Day 3 episodes a week early. I suppose that the twist at the end of day 5 probably caused a lot of people to abandon this series, though I have not received any nasty emails so have no real way of knowing. For those of you who have not played through the earlier days, use the tabs above to go back to day 1 and play through the series.

This day picks up where the previous day left off. For a change, you actually got to go to sleep on your own and even have a bed. Of course you are in an alien space ship being piloted by a creature that looks like a large dog, but your childhood dream of exploring the universe is coming true. Or is it? What exactly can happen in only two days? Play on to find out.

System Requirements

While earlier days can be played with Flash Player 7, the episodes for this day requires the Flash Player 9 or greater plug in be installed in your browser.
You can get this plug in at Adobe's web site by clicking here

Revision History


The Making of Chapters and Open Source versions will be released in 2012.


All the work on this day's episodes was done by Billy D. Spelchan.

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