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The thirteenth is suppose to be an unlucky number and as the date that I am doing this challenge is Saturday December 13, 2008 this might be a reflection of how things are going to go. As it turns out, there was a bit of bad luck as when I went to get my development Journal document for posting this release to the Blazing Games site, I discovered that I had accidentally deleted it. Worse yet, I had just emptied the trash folder and I didn't have a backup of the journal document. I do have multiple copies of the source code and early builds but my development journal was not in the same directory that I was religiously backing up. So, this making of guide is being written late and is being done quickly without at the moment knowledge. I apologize for this awful mistake. The five blocks of work for this episode were:

Car image
Layout of game
Generic game play
Proper game play with scoring
Fine tuning.

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