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Three goes Gold

22:00 I have now finished the game with time to spare. Not enough time to do anything major, but a better animated title screen would be nice. This is fairly simple though time consuming motion tweening work. Once set up, a bit more testing and I decided that there should be some gap between the dice. Right now the dice are a good size as they are bitmaps so you ultimately want them to be even resolutions to reduce the stair step look that often results from scaling bitmaps. So instead I cheated and simply added a layer over the dice and added lines between them. An additional tweak to the results message as it blocks the human/ai toggle. Things look good so at 22:57 I make the final build of the game.

23:00 While I suppose I could do a bit more tweaking and fine tuning, an hour isn't very long and I am getting pretty tired so I will call this game complete.

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