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Dozen Days of Dice: Threes



General Game play

This is a game based on a street game. The game is very simple to play, yet surprisingly fun and has more strategy then one would initially assume. The game starts out by randomly determing the rolling order of the players. This is due to the fact that the last player has a slight advantage over the first player as they know what score they have to beat. Each player then gets to roll. The goal for the game is to get the lowest score possible. This is done by keeping the lowest valued dice and re-rolling the higher valued dice. The value of a die is the face value, except that threes are treated as having a value of zero. Each roll requires that you keep at least one die, though you may keep as many dice as you wish. Once you have kept all the dice (a maximum of five rolls) then your score is tallied and the next player gets a turn.

While getting 5 threes would be a score of zero, there is a way of beating this. If you keep five sixes, something called shooting the moon, you will instantly win the round with the remaining players not even getting to roll! Of course, six is the highest possible value so if you fail on your attempted moon shot, you have pretty much garanteed that you will lose the round.

While this game can be played for other things, in this version, the winner of each round gets two points. In the case of a tied low score, each player that is involved in the tie will get a single point. This system is not the normal way of handling ties as in the more traditional street rules, there is a roll off.

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