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Level 8: Last Level

This is the last level in the four official sets. It also spells out the word last. It is fairly easy as long as you manage your holes properly, but it is quite possible to get in a position where there are no accessible holes.

First drop down to the chain. Then move into the bottom portion of the S in order to get hold of the two portable holes there. You will need to use one of the portable holes in order to get out of the S. When you are out, go to the ladder on the left and wait for the slimes to be more than half way across the screen (so they both follow you). Climb up the ladder and quickly move to the top of the S. Drop a hole and retrieve one of the holes. The slimes should be on the left side of the screen. Climb the ladder on the right and place a hole om the T so you can get the column of energy crystals.

Climb the ladder on the right and retrieve the hole on the T and the hole on the S placing it over the other portable hole. This time when you are on the bottom of the screen you want to wait for the slimes to get to your side of the screen so they will follow you. Climb the ladder and grab the portable hole over the S. Continue until you are left of the point of the A and drop your hole on the tip of the A. Now move left until you are over the gap between the L and the A. Wait for a slime to be destroyed then drop down. Climb up and over to the A. Drop down placing a hole in the middle of the platform you are on. Jump through the hole and dig a hole to your right. Jump through this hole and run to the ladder on your right waiting for the slime to approach you before climbing it. Quickly cross the chains until you fall into the A. retrieve the hole on your right and place it to your left. Jump through the hole and quickly get to the left ladder and climb to the top. If the slime is not stuck on the top of the S, wait until the slime falls into the A hole (if the slime is stuck, you don't have anything to worry about).

Move over the bottom part of the L and drop down to get the two energy crystals that are on the L. Climb back up the left ladder and move right until you fall into the A. Retrieve the hole and then move so you can place the hole in the middle. Drop through the hole. Now repeat the climb and fall to reach the exit.

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