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Question: Where do you get your games? / Will you add my game to your site.

Answer: All the games that appear on the Blazing Games site were developed by Blazing Games Inc. or were developed by Spelchan Software (my old consulting company) and were transferred to Blazing Games when I formed the new company with two other people (see the About section for more information about this). Blazing Games does not host third party games.

Question: Do you create games for other people or sites? If so how much does it cost?

Answer: I wish the people who asked me this question were people with money and able to hire me. Yes, Blazing Games does do third party game development. How much a game costs, however, is a hard question to answer. The cost of developing a game depends on a huge number of factors with the biggest of these being time. There is a lot of work that goes into the creation of a game. While my partners and I enjoy creating games, food still needs to be put on the table. The more complex a game, the more time will be needed to make the game. In addition, if the schedule for the completion of the game is short, then the cost will go up as putting in long hours to meet short deadlines deserves more money.As a rough guideline, Blazing Games generally charges $1000 per person-week, though based on other considerations, this amount may be reduced by as much as 75% (if there are factors in Blazing Games interest, or if the project is really interesting). Development time can also be reduced by using existing components, though this would probably require licensing which is a huge issue in itself.

Question: Why didn't you answer my email?

Answer: As I don't get that much email, I try to answer any email that requires a response. There are 3 reasons why I may not have answered a particular email.

1. I never got the email or the email has an invalid return address. This could be because the mail never got to me due to mail problems, spam blockers, or black lists. It could also be that it looked like a spam message to me so I erroneously deleted it.

2 If I feel that an email does not need a reply, I may not write a reply. Likewise, sending me a huge list of questions or a survey is not likely to be answered (though I might reply saying that I don't have the time to answer all those questions).

3. Sometimes I may take two or three business days to answer an email, so I may have just not gotten around to writing a response.

I should also point out that it is possible that my email will be detected as spam (as my mail is sent through a different ISP than the ISP that hosts Blazing Games, not to mention that in the past a spammer spoofed my domain) so if you are expecting me to reply to the email (and the email clearly requires a reply) then be sure to check your junk email folder.

Question: With your rather ambitious release schedule, how do you make sure that the releases are ready on time?

Answer: One of the reasons my schedule doesn't list specific dates is because sometimes I simply can't get the game I want to release out in time. This can be because of a number of reasons. One reason is the game taking more time to create than I originally anticipated. More commonly, the reason is that I have been spending my time focused on other projects, and the planned release date sneaks up on me so I simply haven't spent the time on the project. This site is done in my spare time, so I tend to work on the projects that most interest me.

Still, I like having a consistent schedule so instead of having updates at random whenever I finish one of the projects I am working on, I hold off releasing games until the scheduled site updates. Sometimes I have quite a buffer of games (such as the case with the table game category), while other category's (Action and RPG) seem to always be low on material. Still, with all the titles that I have yet to open source, in a pinch I can release an Open Source Release.

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