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Level 8: Steel

The fact that this entire level is made out of steel with there being two slimes on the level makes this level seem to be a scary level. In reality, a slight knowledge of slime behavior should allow you to solve this level fairly easily. That being said, here is the way I complete the level.

Once you have landed on the metal platform, immediately fall off the right edge and run all the way to the ladder on the left. Do not start climbing the ladder until the slime that immediately started heading for you has reached the left edge of your starting platform and has started falling to the very bottom of the screen. At this point you can start climbing up the ladder. Climb until you are just above the energy crystal on a ledge and wait for the slime right of you to fall off a ledge when it heads toward you. Move right to fall off the ladder and grab the energy crystal now quickly work your way to the top of the screen.

Cross over the first chain and when you reach the second chain, drop down. Move left and climb the ladder. Grab the energy crystal and walk back to the ladder. Wait until the slime to the right of you has reached the edge of the ledge leading to your area. Climb a couple of notches down the ladder and run to the left until you fall to a lower section.

Work your way to the top of the screen. Cross over until you are on the rightmost chain. Wait there until the other slime has reached the second chain and then move to the right off the chain to gather the last two energy crystals. Make your way back up to the top of the ladder. Depending on where the slimes are, you may want to wait until a slime that is near the exit is about to cross over the second chain. At this point climb down a notch and let the slime fall down. Once the coast is clear, make your way to the exit.

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