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Mudokon Pens

This is one of my favorite levels, as both characters are used to good potential and I just found it great fun.

First, grab the spooceshrubs and have Abe re-grow them. Open the lock and have Abe gather up more spooce as he is going to need it to posses the slig. Jump up on the platform, create a possession sphere (2-3 spooce should do) and possess the slig. Now have the slig go for a swim!

Okay, Munch is going to need to be lifted up to the ledge. Munch can then enter the water and swim around picking up spooceshrubs. Right near the dock is a primitive zap dispenser as well as 2 sligs in pedestals in the middle of the water. Drink the zap, jump up on the pedestal and zap them into the water. Now you will come to a spoocelock requiring 60 spooce. You probably don't have that, but if you look behind the lock you will notice that there is a cage with 4 fuzzles in it. You can free the fuzzles through the fence then order them to attack their guard. Once the guard is killed the door will open. You may want to make sure the guard isn't near the fuzzles when you are freeing them, or he may kill a fuzzle. Also in the cage is a Mudokon, which will only listen to Abe.

Now get the wheel chair and lead them over the metal walkway to the other side where the escape portal is. Now, if you want to you can have them take out the slig on the pier but I tend to zap him or have mudokons handle that. There are two more pens on this side, so you may want to free those fuzzles using the same procedure outlined above (and gather up 60 spooceshrubs so you can open the lock on the other side). Once you have enough spooce and you can open the lock, which opens a well near Abe.

Have Abe jump into the well which will launch him to the other side. Gather up the 3 mudokons and go do the pier with the 3 chant areas (taking out the slig if it hasn't been done yet). Have the three mudokons chant. This will open up a well in the middle of the water.

Have Munch swim to the well and jump in. He will be shot up to an area with a remote control. Use the remote control. You can then get rid of the sligs by dropping bonepowder kegs (which I will refer to as kegs for the rest of the tutorial) on them, or if you want a bit more fun, you can pick them up and drop them onto land mines. When you are done, drop a keg on the boxes blocking the entrance.

Switch to Abe and move him and his pals into the newly opened up area. Have him tell his buddies to wait, then move him to an open area within the cranes area. Now Munch can lift Abe up to the cliff platform with the crane. Have Abe find the hut with a fourth mudokon and a bunch of spooceshrubs. Throw the mudokon down to where the others are then head along the cliff until you come to some kegs. Use the kegs to take out the two sligs below and then destroy the wall of crates by throwing a keg at it.

Continue along the ledge and you will come to two more kegs. Drop them on the unsuspecting sligs below. Then create a possession ball (4-5 spooce will do). Search out the area and try to find the slig that is guarding a door to a pair of mudokon warriors. Possess him and have him follow the path up the hill to where there is a guard and a lever. pull the lever, revealing a few more guards. Then have the slig start a fight will one of the guards. If he manages to win then go for another guard and so on until dead or there are no more guards.

Switch back to Munch. Have him grab his wheelchair then jump over the mines and go over the cliff into the pen with the mudokon warriors. Pull the lever there to open the door. Switch back to Abe and have him gather up the warriors and his buddies. You can then go up the hill and take out the remaining guards with his men, or if you wish, posses them and have them duke it out amongst themselves.

Once the guards are taken care of, have 3 of your buddies chant on the three circles, which will activate the exit teleporters. Have Abe and Munch stand on a teleporter (with no one else standing on one) and the level is sadly over.

Sloghut 1027

Start with Munch and have him go to the remote control. Use the crane to pick up the sligs and drop them in the slog pens, as the ad on the wall does say to give a slog a bone! You could alternatively drop them in the recycling machine. Once the sligs are gone, pick up the 2 mudokons that are within reach of the crane and move them to the street.

Switch to Abe and have him enter the street in an area within the crane's reach. Switch back to Munch and have him lift Abe over to the switch. Switch to Abe, pull the switch. If you are brave you can then walk around the building edge to the other mudokon, pick him up and throw him to the street. Less brave people will use the crane to move Abe there quickly and safely.

Lead them through the newly opened door and throw them down into the pen with the other mudokon slaves. Climb down yourself and make sure that a slave is standing on the timed door switch which opens the door. This will keep the door open while you free the slaves. Switch to Munch. Lead munch through the door and onto the teleporters. They only work with one person on them otherwise the level would have been too easy. Move Munch along the grating until you come to a ladder. Climb down the ladder and move to the remote control. It controls a crane. Use the crane to drop kegs on the sligs. Now you are done (for now).

If anyone knows a better way of handling the next sequence, please let me know. My solution was to take advantage of the quick save. Then drink expresso, grab a slave, and run through the area (in a zig zag pattern to avoid the mines) running up the ramp to deposit a slave at the other end. If slogs followed me, I switched to Munch and had him drop kegs on the slogs. I would then have Abe use the grating (by dodging the mines and climbing the ladder or by using the well which launches you up to the top grating) to get back to the slave pen and do it with the next slave. There is an egg nest near the exit, so if Abe dies (but the slave doesn't) that can be used. Once all the slaves have successfully been moved, get them to flip the switches, then officially free the slaves and get Abe and Munch to their pads.

The Mudokon Fortress

First gather up the four mudokons near you. Then have them attack the sligs (there is a chant suppressor above them so you can't possess the sligs). Now continue around the mountain until you come to a transformation shrine. If you encounter sligs instead, you went the wrong direction. Transform your buddies into warriors, then continue around the mountain beating up sligs as you encounter them. Don't cross the bridge by the scoreboard just yet.

A bit past the scoreboard, just after the locked up area containing your weather shrine, you will come across another bridge with a zapper (thing preventing sligs from reaching you) over it. Take out the slig. Then lead your troops to where the fuzzles are. Tell them to wait, while you go to the next room and get some sligs to chase you. Now, the next room has a reasonable number of sligs, take your troops there and take them out. Make sure you open the compartments by throwing the switches, as there are two warriors hidden in them.

Now lead the six warriors up the hill into the fortress (if you lost a warrior you can use the resurrection shrine and then the transformation shrine to get them back). Have them chant in the chanting circles which will close the gate and allow you to get the guard outside the gate to join you. Leave your troops here and take the non-warrior inside the fortress with you and turn him into a warrior. Leave him with the others. Now inside the fortress is a wooden ramp. follow it to the what looks like a very dangerous bridge. Cross the bridge. You will notice that you are standing above the weather shrine you couldn't get into. You will also notice that there are two sligs patrolling the area. And best of all, you should notice that there are no chant suppressors! Possess one of them and have him take out the other one. If you fail, don't worry, you'll just have to possess the other one as well. Once cleared, stand on the door pad and switch to Munch. Have munch find his way to the door pad and take over the task of standing on it while Abe gathers up 8 mudokons and brings them here to chant. Once the water level has risen, take them to the bridge by the scoreboard and wait.

Now Munch gets to do a little bit. Sadly he doesn't have much to do this level. Have him drive his wheelchair across the bridge and past the two guards who are taking pot shots at him and have him dive into the water. He should have no problems finding the remote, which he can use to deposit the sligs standing on raised platforms into the water.

Now have Abe's army cross the bride and attack the sligs guarding the metal bridge. Munch can then jump up onto the platform with two levers. pull the left lever (by left I am assuming you are in the water looking at the two levers, if you are on the platform looking out at the water it will be the right lever). This opens the bridge door near Abe. Have Abes' troops take out the two guards on the bridge then back off the bridge and have Munch pull the other switch.

This opens up the other side of the bride, so Abe and company can cross over and take out the guards on the other side. Now you can either have your troops take out the other guards, some of whom have lasers, or you can possess some of the laser carrying sligs and have a big slig fight. I prefer a combination of the two. Once the sligs are gone, pull the lever and your exit route is opened.

Now have Munch rescue the fuzzles then get three of the mudokons to chant on the three chant circles near the exit and finally have the two of them stand on the exit and you are done!

Sloghut 2813

First thing you have to do is get Abe to make a lot of spooce. Now have Abe walk along the railing and jump over the cement blocks until he is near the slig guarding the switch and the well. Possess the slig (it should only take 2 to 3 spooce) and have him pull the lever jump down and start a fight with the sligs below. If you are lucky you can force them into the recycler. Now jump into the well, then follow along the edge of the building to get to the other switch. Flip it and now munch can reach the remote. Use the remote to dispose of the remaining sligs by recycling them or giving the slogs a nice bone.

Once the streets are clear of sligs, have munch go through the door that was opened earlier. He can drink some zap and take out four of the sligs that are dropping bombs by simply following the grating with the teleport pads. Then get Abe to gather up the three slaves that are outside and bring them in. Abe can leave them near the entrance and go along the grating. Abe can then possess the sligs that are blocking the escape route and have them take each other out. Alternatively you can use the snoozer and have Abe throw their sleeping bodies on mines.

Next you have to move at least five slaves to the rescue area by dropping them in the far well. There are 4 slaves in the middle of the floor cleaning it while bombs go off around them. With 4 of the bombers gone, finding a safe path through the bombing area is fairly easy. The other 4 will have to wait until you've rescued at least 5 slaves. Have the five slaves pull the levers and your escape area is opened. You will notice that there are 2 vending machines here. One contains bounce, the other contains invisible. Use them to get the other four slaves. If you haven't guessed, they are with the four remaining bombers.

You can either throw down the slaves, or throw down the 4 bombers and possess them into walking under other bombers, then with no bombs, clear out the remaining slaves. Once you have taken all the slaves to the escape portal, get Abe and Munch to their perspective portals.

Paramite Run

Personally I absolutely hate this level and think that it is one of the worst levels in the game (but not the worst, that one is near the end of the game), but I am sure that there are some strange people out there who like this type of pointlessly frustrating level.

This level is simple. You just grab some expresso, and Munch, then run to the other side. Now, better figure out your route, you may want to possess a paramite and walk it through the possible route. If you want to do this the least hazardous and most time consuming way then you can possess all the paramites and have them kill each other off. Now, if you are taking the running route, you will have to throw Munch a couple of times, at which point he will be attacked by paramites and in many cases, you will be unable to rescue him in time and will have to restart the level again.

Now, once you actually reach the end of the level, you have to spend 99 spooce to open a spoocelock. Your choices are to do a lot of chanting, or to brave the parasites and gather them up. Remember that there is no egg nest at the end, so if you are going the insane gathering route, leave Munch at the start until you've opened the lock.

Go to the plates, and be grateful that such an awful level is finished. Enjoy the movie, as after suffering through this level, you earned one!

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