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Deadly Doors

I think the title covers the concept pretty well!

Page Last Updated: April 1, 2006


Previously, in the classic and modern doors games (Ultimate Retro Project episodes 1 and 2) you searched for your friend in an apartment building. You have gone to visit your friend again, only to discover that the programmer is in a nasty mood and has replaced the apartment building with a series of trapped doors!

Playing the standard game

The standard game has ten sets of doors. Each set consists of five doors. Only one of the doors will let you through to the next set of doors. The other four doors are trapped! Don’t worry too much. The programmer, even in his most foulest of moods, is not completely heartless and will show you the correct door by placing a target on the door once you have selected a door. If you selected the wrong door, you will at least be able to see the correct door before running into the trap. If you hit a trap, you will be sent back to the very beginning, but at least you will know the correct door for that section.

While the sequence is randomly generated, the correct sequence will remain the same for the duration of the game.

Playing the Shifting game

The second mode of this game is called the Shifting Game. Game play in this mode is the same as with the standard mode, but with one twist. The rooms will shift to the left or the right. This means that the correct door will change positions. The correct door only shifts one unit at a time, and to let you know that the door has shifted locations, the LCD arrow in the direction that the door has shifted will light up. Doors on the edge will wrap around, so if the correct door was the first door and a left shift is indicated, the new correct door will be the fifth door.

Playing the Teleportation game

The final mode is the Teleportation Game. As with the Shifting mode, the correct door may randomly shift one place to the left or right (with an arrow to show you which way if any). To further test your memory, when you do choose the wrong door, you will not always start at room 1, but may appear in any room that you have been to.

System Requirements

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For information about how this game was designed and created, read the following two articles.

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