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Basic Instructions

If you have not read the overview page which explains why I think that this is purely entertainment, the please do so before using this game. Once you start the game, it automatically generates a biorhythm chart for people who were born that day. You can change the birthday the chart is generated for by changing the birthday entries and can look into the future or the past by changing the date to check field. The chart is updated immediately. For those of you who do not know what a biorhythm chart is, let's quickly review this pseudo-science.

The basic concept is that life occurs in cycles. This I don't disagree with, but the theory then goes on to say that these cycles are of a consistent and regular period. The theory then breaks down the cycle into three separate elements. The physical cycle represents you basic health. In role-playing terms this is a combination of your strength, dexterity and constitution. I use red to represent this, though the advanced instructions will explain how to change this. The next cycle is the emotional cycle and is represented as green. This cycle is your mood and emotional stability. I suppose charisma would be the closest thing that role-playing games have to this. Finally, we have the Intellectual cycle which is represented by blue. This is how clear you are thinking and is represented in role-playing terminology as your wisdom and intelligence.

Observant visitors may have noticed that there is a fourth bar on my chart. This is what I call the universal cycle and is 42 days in length. It exists because we all know that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. The role-playing equivalent to this factor is luck. It is represented by the best color in the universe.

Quite simply, there is a zero line running through the middle of the chart. When a cycle is above this chart, you are doing well and doing things requiring that attribute will be easier. It is the role playing equivalent of having a positive modifier applied to your rolls. If things are below the zero line, well, you will have a harder time completing the task. This is the role-playing equivalent of having a negative modifier applied to your roll. The weird thing is that when you cross the zero line, things are considered to be very unstable so your worst days within a cycle will be the days that the cycle is crossing over the zero line. If more than one cycle is crossing the zero line, expect a bad day unless you are a rational person and realize that this is not to be taken seriously.

Advanced use

Obviously, I consider biorhythms to be strictly entertainment, and what can be more entertaining than playing around with the numbers or creating entirely new groups of rhythms? As you can see, you can change the period of any of the four elements. You can also add a skew to the results. The skew shifts the starting day for the cycle. Finally, if you have plotted a different cycle you may decide that you want to rename the existing cycle. You can. Simply click on the name above the cycle and re-name it to whatever you desire.

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