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LocationBlazing Games - Ultimate Retro Project - Volume 1 - Episode 8

Ultimate Retro Project

Episode 8: Modern Artillery

Battle your friends with large water cannons

Page Last Updated: April 1, 2006


You and some of your friends have found some long range water cannons and have decided to have the ultimate water battle. The group of you will now spread out and launch water bombs at each other. If hit with a bomb you will leave the game. The sole player to be left standing will be considered to be the winner.

Playing the Game

When the title screen appears, you have a lot of options for setting up a new game.

The first option you have is controlling the number of players and what type of players they will be. There are eight colors of tank that you can choose from. Selecting a tank to be "none" indicates that the tank will not appear in the game. Selecting it to be human means that a human will have to decide how that tank will fire when it is that players turn. This makes it possible to play this game with your friends on the same computer (commonly referred to as hot seating). If you don't want to play against another human, you can have the computer control the other tanks. Setting a tank to dumb means the computer will fire randomly. Setting a tank to smart means that the computer will target a tank and slowly figure out how to destroy the tank.

The enable sounds checkbox enables sounds when it is checked. In other words, if you want sound check this box.

The Computer Quits when No Humans checkbox means that the the game will end once all the human tanks have been eliminated (computer wins). This probably should always be set, but if you want to watch computer tanks fight it out then uncheck this box.

Finally, you can select the type of terrain you wish to play on. There are three choices, each choice looking different and being generated slightly differently. I should point out that under Mac OS X, some of the terrain images did not properly load and as a result the terrain appears solid white. This is unfortunate but the problem seems to be the way OS X's version of Java handles JPeg images so there is not much I can do.

One you have made your selections, hit the Start the Game button.

The game loops through each tank. When it is that tanks turn, the player who is that color should enter their moves. If the tank is controlled by the computer this will be done automatically. The shot is controlled by the angle and the power. Angle is on the left, and can be incremented or decremented in units of 1 or 5. Click on the buttons to adjust the angle to what you want. Power works the same as angle, but the units are 1 and 10. Once you have the angle and power you desire hit the fire button.

The game ends when only one tank is left or if computer opponents are left (this can be changed on the title screen).

System Requirements

This game is requires Java 1.1 or better to run. Browsers that support 1.1 tend to be 4.x or better versions. Windows XP users may have to download a Java plug in to use Java applets.

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