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LocationBlazing Games - Ultimate Retro Project - Volume 1 - Episode 2

Ultimate Retro Project

Episode 2: Modern Doors

The modernized version of our search game

Page Last Updated: April 1, 2006


This is the modernised version of the game we had in episode 1.The game simply chooses a number at random and gives the player hints as he or she tries to guess what number the computer chose. To make the game more interesting, there is ussually some type of story tied to the game.

How do we modernise such a simple game? Well, the first step is to append a more modern graphical user interface on to the game. Add some graphics and some animation and you have a modernized game. While not the type of game one would spend hours playing, it is fun for at least a short period of time.

The backstory is the same as the first episode. Your friend has moved to a new appartment. You decided to surprise your friend and head up to the appartments. Unfortunatly you forgot the appartment number. As you want to keep this a surprise, you decide to knock on some doors and see if you can find your friendÕs appartment. The people in these appartments are busy people so they can only tell you if their appartment number is greater than or less than the appartment number that your friend is in. Likewise, the comotion you are causing will alert your friend to your presence and ruin the surprise, so you have to find the correct appartment as quickly as possible.

Playing the Game

To start the game, all you need to do is to select the difficulty level that you wish to play at. The harder the difficulty level, the more rooms there will be.One the game play starts, the game is rather simple to play. You simply have to click on the door you are going to knock on. In larger games, not all the doors can be shown on the display at the same time. In those cases there is a smaller display that shows all the doors in the level. There is a colored box surrounding the currently visible range of doors. You can move this box by clicking anywhere in the view or by dragging the box to the desired area. Below the door display is a status panel that give you details on the game. That's all there is to it. Have fun!

System Requirements

This game is requires Java 1.1 or better to run. Browsers that support 1.1 tend to be 4.x or better versions. Windows XP users may have to download a Java plug in to use Java applets.

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