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Moon Base Z

You need a browser that supports the HTML 5 canvas tag to play. Chrome or Firefox is recommended.

Last Updated: August 16, 2013


This game was created for the 7Day FPS challenge. While a complete game, there is a lot more that I will be adding to the game as I finish the remaining 3 chapters of the game. Once all the chapters are finished, this chapter will be overhauled so the final version of this episode will be much better than this build.

You are the sheriff of a moon research base. Something has gone horribly wrong with the cancer cure being developed and it is turning people into zombies. You must stop this infestation.

WASD to move (optionally cursor keys but some browsers don't like this.
Q and E for straifing
R to fire active gun (Space also works, but some browsers don't like it)
F to use selected melee weapon
O and P to toggle melee weapons, 1 to 5 to select
[ and ] to toggle ranged weapons, 6 to 0 to select.

No difinitive timeline for releasing chapters 2 through 4 or when the fine-tuned merged version will be released but this will be posted to Blazing Games.

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