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Treasure Run (for NES)

The Theme for Min-Ludum Dare #45 was "Low Level".

Last Updated: September 27, 2013


The goal of this Mini-Ludum Dare is to create a game in a low-level language. The real purpose is to get the participants to better understand how computers work As I have worked in a number of Assembly languages, I am pretty familiar with this so instead opted to try developing a NES game in 6502 assembly language. The last few days before the challenge bagain have been spent researching the NES (since I had no knowlege about programming it) and putting together this skeleton code for the JAM. I suppose one could argue this is cheating as I get an extra few days by doing this but the rules allow for more time so it doesn't matter. Here is the Skeleton code

My NES Skeleton Code

The challenge went fairly well with me ending up with a playable 4 level game. As ussual, sound is my big weakness here as I never got around to playing with the NES sound chips.

Treasure Run Rom with Source Code

If you don't have an emulator click here to run the game using Ben Birshman's JS-NES emulator.

System Requirements

This game requires a NES emulator to play The link to the JSNES emulator with this ROM can be used if you don't have and don't want to find a NES emulator though being JavaScript, it's perfomance may not be the best (though on my machine it ran perfectly ).

Revision History

September 15-20, 2013 - Skeleton code created

September 22, 2013- Mini-Ludum Dare #45 entry

September 27, 2013 - Set up JS-NES page so can run game on browser.


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