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Coffee Quest FPS

Firefox users may experience very poor performance for reasons unknown to me (I suspect their canvas implementation doesn't handle clipping well). For that reason it is recommended that you use Chrome, Safari, or IE 9 to play this game. Warning. This game is still under development so it probably will not work well. The sinstructions below should give you some idea of what I am aiming for. This page will be updated throughtout the 7DFPS competition so check back regularly if you wish to see the progress. While you are here, also feel free to play the other games on my site.

This game requires a browser that supports the HTML5 canvas!

The Coffee Quest RPG reimagined as a First Person Shooter

Page Last Updated: June 15, 2012 (12:11 PST)


Coffee Quest is our series of RPGs, which evolved from a simple maze game into a full-fledged RPG. When the 7DFPS competition (which ran from June 9th to 15th 2012) appeared, I decided that I should enter it. As I haven't released a new coffee quest game in a while (as something keeps putting the next instalment on the backburners) I figured that doing a Coffee Quest would the ideal way of participating in the competition.


What a bad day! As if waking up in a maze wasn't bad enough, you don't have any coffee! This simply will not do! You remember seeing a power outlet somewhere, now if you can find the required items to make a cup of coffee, your day will be set!

Playing the Game

The bulk of the display is your view of the world. This is a first person game so your view is what you can see right in front of you. To move through the world you use the keyboard with the keys assigned as follows:

On the bottom of the screen is the status bar. This bar is broken into sections. On the far left is movement buttons so the game can be played with the mouse or touch devices. Next to that is the quest inventory holding icons for the quest items that you have picked up. Next to that is your active melee weapon. Clicking on it will use it as will pressing the F key. The bar on the side of it indicates the condition. Next to that is your current Ranged weapon. The number indicates how many shots you have remaining. You fire weapons by clicking on this or pressing the space bar. Next to that is your current Armor, your shield, and your personal condition. Past that is a mini-map. Click on the mini-map or press M to bring up a larger version of the map.

You pick up items by walking over them. Go to the power outlet with all the items needed to make coffee in order to win the game. Obviously, the monsters don't want you to

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