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Santa Vs Evil Gnomes


Playing the Game

This is a Role-playing game where Santa must rescue his Elves from the base of the Evil Gnomes. The view is first person with the game being controlled by either the onscreen buttons or with the keyboard.

Game Commands

The arrows are used to move. Up moves you forward. Left and Right turn you left or right. Down reverses your direction. Up (+) climbs a ladder while Down (-) descends a ladder.

The Character (Z) button brings up your character sheet where you can apply the experience that you earn to improve your stats.

The Shoot/Strike button is used to attack opponents with.

The Spell Button lets you cast a spell. Spells use mana which recovers over time.The more Mana related skills the player has, the faster mana is recovered.

Character Advancement

Skills are broken into two categories. Health skills are your physical skills and determine how much health Santa has. They are:

Strength - How strong Santa is. This impacts how much damage is done.

Melee determines hand to hand combat skill.

Ranged is Snowball Throwing skill

Defence is how well Santa can defend himself.

Mana skills determine how much mana Santa can have and how quickly that mana is recovered. As skills reach high enough levels, new spells become available. The mana Skills are:

View Spell for casting spells showing you your surroundings.

Fire Spell for casting fire related spells.

Ice Spell for casting ice related spells.

Heal Spells for casting spells to recover health. As this is the only way that health is regained in the game it might be a good idea to spend at least some experience improving this skill.

Spell System

As mentioned in the previous section, the spells that are available are based on the skill level of the appropriate mana skill. Casting spells costs mana, but mana is recovered over time.

View Seen (available from the beginning) lets you see a map of where you have been.

View Map (View Spell skill level 8+) displays a map of the entire floor.

View Area (View Spell skill level 15+) shows the map of the floor including the locations of all the monsters.

Fire Spark (Available from the beginning) A simple spell causing fire damage which is good against Snowmen and Teddy Brutes.

Fire Bolt (Fire Spell skill level 8+) a more powerful Fire Spark

Fire Ball (Fire Spell skill level 15+) A more powerful Fire Bolt.

Icicle (Available from the beginning) A simple spell causing Ice damage which is good against Robots and Teddy Brutes.

Ice Ball (Ice Spell skill level 8+) a more powerful Icicle

Ice Storm (Ice Spell skill level 15+) a more powerful Ice Ball

Minor Heal (available from the beginning) Your basic healing spell. Used to recover health.

Heal (Heal Spell skill level 8+) a more powerful Minor Heal

Major Heal (Heal Spell skill level 15+) a more powerful Heal.

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