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Dozen Days of Dice: Tennis with Dice



General Game play

This game is a very simple dice game. The goal is to win the game using a tennis scoring system. Scores start out as Love (0), and winning a round earns you points. Scoring goes 15, 30, 40 and game, but you must win by two rounds. When players are tied at 40 they are in a state known as deuce. When a player scores a point that player is said to have an advantage. Scoring a point when you have advantage wins the game, but losing a point brings you back to deuce.

Each round of the game, you earn a skill point which gets added to your skill point total. Up to three of these points can be spent in a single round. These points are used in addition to a roll of a six sided die to determine your chance of winning the round. The player with the higher total wins the round. If both players have the same score they are considered to be rallying and will roll again..

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