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Dozen Days of Dice: Thirty Six



General Game play

This is a classical dice game that can be played with pen, paper and a single six sided die. Each turn the remaining players are given the option to roll a die and add that value to their total for that round or to stay at their existing total. If the player opts to stay, they are no longer given the opportunity to roll the die. The goal is to get a total that is as close as possible to 36 without going over 36. When all players have stayed (or went over 36) the round ends. If there is a single winner, that player receives 2 points. If there is a tie for the highest roll then each of the players involved in the tie get 1 point.

This version of the game supports up to 6 players, with the option to have the computer play any number of positions.

The user interface

The game interface is fairly simple. Each player is given a color. How those colors are decided is up to you. If you look at the image below, you will see how each player box is broken up.

Thirty Six game interface

The points are your cumulative total for playing through multiple rounds. next to the points is a toggle that allows you to switch between a human controlling that player or the computer controlling the player. This can be changed at any time so if someone needs to go for a bathroom break you can have the computer take over for them and then return control to the player when they return. The middle area is the roll history. This shows all the rolls that the player has made. The status area will display the message staying if the player has decided to stay at their current score. When it is a player's turn, buttons allowing the player to stay or to make another roll appear. Click on the button that reflects your desired action to play your turn. Finally the roll total is your current total for this round of the game so that you don't have to add up all the numbers on the dice.

On the top of the screen.are buttons allowing you to start a new round or return to the title screen. Returning to the title screen will reset the points of all players to 0.

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