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Level 1: Billy

Quickly climb the rope to your right and cross over until you are over the I and then drop down. You automatically grab the two portable holes on your way down. Drop off the I and walk right along the platform placing a hole right near the end. Doing this will allow you to get to the rope without having to worry about the slimes following you. Jump through the hole then run to the rope and wait until the slimes are almost under the first l. Climb up the rope and quickly move to the location left of the i and fall down to get the hole One of the slimes may get stuck on the B. Repeat for the portable hole on the other side of the i. If a slime was caught, it will chase you, but running through the hole will cause it to run to the rope on the left.

Grab the energy crystal to the right of the I. If a slime is caught on the B you can free the slime by moving to the same level. Climb back up to the top of the rope and move over the y. Drop into the y and while holding on to the chain, drop a hole to the left. You can now retrieve the energy crystal on the right of the y. You shouldn't need to worry about the slimes, but if a slime did follow you, you will need to run through the hole and climb up the rope one notch until the slime are together. You can then climb back up and jump through the y. The slimes must not be on the platform, so keep repeating the slime gathering step until you are on the platform by yourself and the slimes are climbing up and down the left rope.

You are now ready for the dangerous part. Grab the hole to your right and run of the platform to the left. The slimes will chase you all the way to the ropes. You might want to wait for them both to be near you (past the second l) before starting to climb. Climb up the rope and cross the top chains until you are on top of the B. Drop a hole and fall through it. Gather the energy crystals and drop another hole. Gather the remaining energy crystals and take note of the hole on the y's tale. Drop your last hole (now you know why you had to retrieve the hole) and run to the rope, cross the y, and enter the exit.

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