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Level 2: Lots of Monsters

This level can cause people a lot of problems, but once you have figured out how to beat the level, it is actually a fairly easy level to beat (unless you overshoot the rope and are forced to wait for the inevitable slime crunch).

How do you finish this level then? Quite simply climb up the rope until you are on the level that has the two holes on it. Run to the first hole and release the hole to your right (if you are really on the ball, you can grab both holes before dropping the hole, but this is very dangerous and prone to failure). One slime will destroy the hole while the other ones will fall through. If you have timed everything right, the slime that were on your right will be out of your way when the left slimes reach you so you can jump through the hole in the level. Run to the rope, and wait for all the slime to be as near to you as you can tolerate. The goal here is to keep the slime together as if they separate then you are in trouble (though you have extra holes for such emergencies).

Climb up to the second platform from the top (the thick platform being the top platform). Run across the platform waiting at the rope for the slimes to get near to you. Climb down one platform and run across it. Again, wait for the slime to get near to you. Climb all the way down to the bottom floor and cross the floor. Start climbing the rope, and when you get to the first platform, quickly grab the energy crystal there. Quickly climb up another floor and grab the last energy crystal. Now race to the very top and drop an energy crystal over top of the exit and jump through.

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