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Level 3: Fake Grass

Go to the left and run until you fall through the fake grass. Now simply climb up the ladders grabbing the energy crystals on the platforms as you make your ascent. If the slime is too close for you to properly reach a middle ladder, simply climb down a ladder and wait for the slime to approach you then quickly run up the ladder and climb the middle ladder. Once you are at the top platform, climb the ladder and cross the chain and walk so you fall all the way down to the bottom of the level. It is important that you have all the energy crystals before doing this as there is no way of going back!

Cross the bottom portion of the level to the rope. Climb up the rope. There are two ways to proceed based on how much of a risk taker you are. The fastest and riskiest approach is to to cross the chain until you are just right of the bricks over the lone “grass” patch, drop down, and drop a hole to the left as soon as you land. The safer approach is to drop down over the right ladder, climb down, wait for the slime to approach you (just past the portable hole), climb back up the ladder and drop the hole over the grass patch before the slime reaches you. Climb down to the bottom and grab the last portable hole then climb the ladder on your left. When you reach the top of the ladder, drop a hole to your right. Move into the hole and drop another hole so that the new hole is over the grass. Move back to the ladder, climb up and retrieve the hole.

You now have a hole leading to the energy crystals. Jump down the hole and grab the energy crystals. You also have a slight problem. Beneath you are three more energy crystals all over grass. Grass is all fake so you know you will fall through it. This means that you will need to dig a hole over far right Drop through that hole to get the energy crystal, run up the ladder and drop through the hole. Retrieve the hole and move it to the middle of the platform. Drop through it to gather the crystal, climb the ladder and drop through the hole. Finally retrieve the hole move to the middle and drop the hole to your left. Gather the final crystal. Dig a hole and run to the exit.

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