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Level 4: Know where to dig

Climb up the ladder and move to the right. Wait for the slime to get near you before climbing the ladder. Run across the top and climb down both ladders. Run across the bottom and climb the rope on the far right. You now have access to the holes. The big problem is you also have a slime preventing you from leaving the area. The solution to this is finding a way of getting the slime into a hole while still being able to get out of the area (without the need for additional holes). This is easily done by climbing back down the rope and waiting for the slime to get close enough to you that it will follow you. Climb up the rope and move to the left two spots. Drop a hole to the right. This is the corner of the box, which means that even after the slime and hole have been destroyed, you will still be able to bet out of this area.

The next phase is getting the energy crystals in the top right of the screen. As the number of holes you have is restrictive, you can not afford to waist any getting the energy crystals. The solution then is to dig out the side of the box by dropping a hole on the top right corner of the box, climbing down a notch and dropping a hole on the bricks beneath the corner block. You can then run across the interior of the box retrieving all the energy crystals. Once you have gathered the crystals, it is a simple matter to retrieve both the holes.

The next step is to get to the other side. This is simply a matter of crossing the top and dropping a hole over the single brick that separates the two sides. The problem is that the slime on the other side is going to be waiting for us. Once the hole is placed, simply climb down the ladder. The slime on the other side will follow. You now have time to run up the ladder on the right and cross the top over to the other side. The next step may seem confusing, but does make sense. Climb up the ladder and drop your last hole on the corner of the box. Wait for the slime to be destroyed.

Why did we just destroy the slime and create a permanent hole? Well, there are not enough holes to destroy the slime below, and there is no way of getting the last hole and getting out of the bottom portion. By destroying the slime on the corner of the grid, which we need to remove later anyway, we will have enough holes to finish the level. In fact, lets do that. Climb down and gather the two energy crystals and the portable hole. Now climb back up to the top. The permanent hole is in the perfect place that it allows us to still reach the right ladder. Drop a hole just below the permanent hole that the slime made. Gather the energy crystals inside the box. The exit appears, so just work your way to the exit to finish this level.

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