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Level 5: Inner Sanctum

This level is actually a bit tricky as it cheats a bit. The solution to this level at least slightly is based on knowledge of where the exit gate is located. Of course, it is fairly easy to guess where the exit gate will be appearing so it is not that big of a factor.

The first step in the solution is to go left until you fall off the edge. Climb down the rope, collect the two holes then climb back up the rope. Drop a hole so it is over the floading hole. Drop through the hole then climb up the rope and retrieve the hole. Climb back down the rope and drop a hole then jump down to the platform below.

Walk over to the rope and climb up. Drop a hole over the left energy crystal. Jump through the hole and quickly right one space and drop a hole. Wait for the slime to walk over the hole resulting in a permanent hole in the corner. Climb down the rope and then climb up the long rope to retrieve an energy crystal and a hole. Climb back down the rope but only until you reach the first ledge. Work your way up and cross over the chain. Retrieve the hole and place it over the energy crystal. Drop down, then move off the ledge. Walk over to the rope. Drop the hole to your left and quickly jump through the rope, grab the two energy crystals, and run back through the hole.

Retrieve the hole. Climb up the ladder. Drop the hole so it is over one of the two holes below. Grab the holes and drop a hole so you can get out. Climb back up and retrieve the hole. Drop the hole on the corner, climb down a notch and drop the other hole. You can now retrieve the hole you used to escape the box. Retrieve the other two holes.

Work your way to the long rope. Climb up to the platform and drop a hole on the edge. Drop a hole beneath that hole and retrieve the top hole. You have just created a tunnel. Go through the tunnel. Drop a hole on the edge and move down a notch. You can now get the energy crystals in the corner. Retrieve the two holes. Now climb the rightmost rope. Drop a hole, retrieve the energy crystal and then retrieve the hole. Go back down and through the tunnel, retrieving the hole that makes up the tunnel ac you climb up to the platform above. Now work your way to the chain. While on the chain you can remove the right edge of the pen holding the slime. The slime will immediately move to the hole (it can sense the rope but will not enter the hole). Move over the far left energy crystal and drop down immediately creating a hole to the right. Once the slime has formed a permanent hole, drop down and work your way back to the edge of the pen retrieving the hole. Cross the chain and drop down. Grab the hole.

Finally, you are ready to grab the last energy crystal. It might be a good idea to look at the rest of the screen and make sure you in fact did pick up all the other energy crystals before continuing as there is no going back. Ready? Climb down the rope onto the ledge. Drop a hole over the last energy crystal and drop through the hole. The exit should appear in the bottom left corner. Drop a hole over the corner and drop into the exit.

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