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Level 6: Dirt and Holes

This is one of those levels where you really have to manage your holes very carefully. To make things more difficult, there is a slime wandering around the level, so you have to be sure not to let the slime get stuck in certain key locations. Thankfully, one of the holes you have to make is in a spot where it is not retrievable making it the perfect spot for eliminating the slime pest. This, as is usual for me, my first priority.

Run to the rope to the right of you. Climb it and then climb the ladder. Cross the grass until you are on the edge. Wait for the slime to reach the rope and jump off the ledge. Work your way back to the rope and climb it then climb the ladder to the first platform. Cross over and when the slime gets close enough drop down. You will grab onto the chain, so be sure to quickly drop off the chain and run off the ledge. Work your way to the top of the screen (don't worry about the energy crystals at this point in time as you have a hungry slime on your tail. Grab the energy crystal to your right and drop a hole and wait for the slime to make the hole a permanent one. You need to be able to get out of this area anyway, so the hole the is lost would be lost anyway.

Work your way to the bottom left corner to get the portable hole sitting there. You can use that hole to get the other portable hole near the center of the screen. Simply drop the hole when you are standing on the top of the rope and run in to grab the hole. Run back out and retrieve the hole you used. Climb down the rope and climb the short ladder. Drop a hole over the lone chunk of grass to create an exit from that area. Climb back up to the grass platform and drop a hole over the two energy crystals. Drop down to get them and run out through the portable hole exit you made. Retrieve both the portable holes.

Climb the ladder in the center of the screen and cross over the ledge until you drop down. Move over so you can drop a hole over the floating energy crystal and do so. After getting the energy crystal, you may notice that retrieving this hole is going to be tricky. Don't worry about it now, instead you might as well head over to the right side of the screen like you did when the slime was chasing you. Retrieve the two energy crystals that you missed earlier and exit that area through the permanent hole. Climb the rope that is to your left and work your way to the energy crystal in the upper left corner. After getting the energy crystal, you will notice that the only way out of the area you are in is by dropping a hole. Doing so will place you on the platform with the portable hole you dropped earlier. Retrieve that hole and work your way back over the last energy crystal. Drop a hole to get that energy crystal then go through the conveniently positioned exit.

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