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Level 5 : Broken

This level consists of six floors. The thing is, five of the floors have broken off leaving a V shaped gap through the level. This level seems to be hard, but once you have figured out the trick to finishing the level it is actually fairly easy.

Run to the top of the screen as quickly as possible. While the energy crystals are attractive, you can get them later so hold of on grabbing them. When you reach the top of the screen, grab the hole. Choose a side (it doesn't matter which one) and head towards that ladder. Drop the hole two or three spaces from that ladder and wait for one of the slimes to form a permanent hole. Jump through this hole and run to the ladder on that side of the screen climbing it as soon as you reach it. The goal of this activity is simply to make sure the remaining slime stays on the other side of the screen.

This is the interesting part of this solution to the level. Walk off the ledge and ignoring all the energy crystals except the one on the very bottom platform. Quickly grab that bottom one then run off the ledge and wait for the slime to climb down the rope on the other side. Climb back up to the top ledge and jump off again. This time collect all the energy crystals that you missed the first pass. The reason that two passes are made is simply due to the simple fact that there usually is not enough time to grab them all and keep the slime on the other side. You can try to get them all in one pass, but when you get eaten by slime don't say I didn't warn you.

Now you want to get the slime to start following you. Simply wait by the ladder for the slime to get close to you. Now run all the way up and move to the permanent hole. Wait until the slime has reached the top of the ladder and jump through. Run to the other side and climb down the first ladder you reach. This is to make sure that the slime moves back to the ladder on the other side. If the slime does not head back, then you can simply run back to the ladder, wait until the slime is more than halfway to the level, climb up the ladder and run across. Once the slime is on the ladder on the other side, climb up to the top ledge and do the two pass energy crystal collection that you did on the other side.

You should have all the energy crystals from the broken segments now so it is time to get the energy crystals in the middle parts of the platforms. The easiest way to do this is to let the slime chase you. This is easy to do as long as you remember to let the slime get more than half way across the platform before you climb the ladder. One you have the last energy crystal, run to the exit.

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