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Level 4: Rooms

There are two basic routes you can take to complete this level. One is to simply make sure the slimes stay together. The other route, if you can pull it off, is to trap one of the slimes so you only have to worry about the slimes splitting up on you. If they do split up, you can try to get to the bottom and use the ladder as a focus point for getting them together again.

The first thing to do is to grab the portable hole and climb up the ladder. Head to the rope on the left side of the screen and climb down a notch so you can drop your hole over the brick blocking the holes. If the slimes are trying to separate, you may want to trap one. This is done by waiting for one slime to be on the ladder and the other one to be on the right rope. Climb the rope a notch and wait for the slime on the ladder to start heading towards you. You then cross over the bricks and wait for the slime to step onto the bricks. Jump onto the chain and drop down running out of the area climb up the rope and retrieve the hole. You should now have a trapped slime. If you do not have a trapped slime, make sure that the slimes stay together through the rest of this walk through.

Climb back down the rope and wait for the slime to get near you. Climb up the rope and run over to the other rope. Descend a notch and drop your hole. Cross over on the chain and drop on the hole. Run out of the area and climb back up. Retrieve the hole. Climb up the rope until you reach the top of the bricks. Now you need to remove the side of the box. This is done by dropping a hole, moving down a notch and then dropping another hole. Keep going until you are at a point where you can run into the “room” and get the energy crystals. When you run out of holes, simply climb up and retrieve all but the last hole you dropped. Once you have gathered all the energy crystals on the right side, retrieve all the holes.

Lure the slime to your side. The easiest way to do this is to go to the top of the bricks and wait until the slime is more than half way across and then climb down the rope and run across to the other side. Remove the side and gather then energy crystals the same way you did with the right side. Once all the energy crystals are gathered, retrieve the holes, run up to the top of the box and drop a bole over the middle room. Drop in, gather the energy crystals and then drop a hole. Drop down and gather the remaining crystals. Drop a hole to get out of the room and make your way to the top of the screen. Use the chain on the top of the screen to maneuver over the exit and drop into it.

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