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Level 3: Tricky

Manipulation of holes is key to solving this level. Likewise, knowledge of slime behavior will help in the end stage of this level.

The first stage is collecting crystals. This involves using tunneling. Of course, before you can make tunnels, you need portable holes so grab the four portables holes on the platform you are standing on. Drop off the platform and pick a side. I'll go left, but going the other direction should also work. Go to the ladder and dig out the side by dropping a hole, moving down and dropping another hole. Climb back up and retrieve the top hole. This forms a tunnel. Grab the energy crystal and using the ladder, make another tunnel. Grab the energy crystal and while standing in the tunnel drop a hole so it is over the floating energy crystal. Drop into the hole to grab the energy crystal. Now retrieve all your holes and do the same thing on the other side. You will only be able to retrieve one of the holes instead of three.

The end stage is where things get interesting. Again, choose a side. Both sides should work. Dig a escape hole as close to the side you chose as you can. Drop down and run to the rope. Wait until the slime gets close then climb the rope and cross the chain. Climb up to the top to get the energy crystal and drop your last hole behind you. Wait for the slime to become a permanent hole. Go back to the bottom of the screen and wait for the other slime to make it's way to you. Climb back up until you are on the top half of the broken ladder. Wait until the slime is near the top of the other ladder and drop down to the bottom of the screen and run to the rope on the other side. Climb up the rope as soon as you reach it. This is to make sure that the slime stays on the other side of the screen. Climb up to get the last energy crystal and then make your way to the exit.

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