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Level 2: One Crystal

There is only one energy crystal to collect in this level. Sounds simple enough. The problem is getting to the energy crystal. Making things a bit more difficult is the presence of a slime. There are a few ways of dealing with the slime, but I have decided that the easiest solution to this level is the one that leaves the slime alone.

Start out by waiting for the slime to approach you, as things are a bit quicker if the slime is initially on your tail. Simply climb the rope up to the metal platform Cross the platform and wait for the slime to get close to you. Drop down and head for the metal pyramid. Work your way to the top of the pyramid and cross the chain until you are over the portable hole. Drop down and work your way down to the bottom of the screen. Cross the screen to the rope and climb back up to the metal platform. Drop down to the grass box and drop your portable hole over one of the three holes. Drop down and gather the three holes. Drop a hole to make an escape route. After leaving the grass box, wait a bit for the slime to approach you. Return to the top of the grass box (don't let the slime get too close as you want it on the rope) to retrieve your hole then work your way to the short ladder on the left side of the screen. Drop a hole left of the ladder, and another hole beneath that hole. Climb up and retrieve the top hole as a precaution to prevent the slime from destroying it. Now wait at the bottom of the ladder for the slime to approach you and make a run up the ladder and across the bricks until you reach the rope. Climb the rope and cross the top portion of the screen dropping down the left shaft.

Run out the shaft and retrieve the hole. Climb up to the top row of bricks. Drop 3 holes over the thick part of the bricks then drop down. Drop your remaining two bricks so that they are over the crystal and in the center of the block.. You are out of bricks but are one brick short. This is simple to rectify. Simply run through the holes to drop down below. Work your way back to the top and retrieve two of the holes. Drop into the hole and place your final hole over the energy crystal. Drop over the energy crystal. Now work your way back to the top of the screen again and grab the last exposed hole. You can now run to the shaft, drop down, and run through the exit.

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