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Evil Eggs



The evil toy stealing gnomes that were pestering Santa have decided to pester the Easter Bunny and have released evil spirits which have possessed some of the Easter Bunny's eggs. You are a quality control inspector for Mr. Bunny and must prevent these eggs from getting through by clicking on any red glowing eggs as they pass by.

The game scoring is also very simple. Clicking on an evil egg will earn you 10 points. That being said, throwing out a good egg is not acceptable and will cost you 50 points. Likewise, you must not let any evil eggs get through and doing so will automatically lose the game. There is a limited number of eggs that need to be checked, so it is possible to finish the game. If you do not destroy any good eggs, you can achieve a perfect score of 1000. That being said, as the game continues, eggs will fall at an ever faster rate making finishing the game a challenge.

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