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This project features a collection of small games that require good reflexes on the part of the player. Arcade games and Sports game tend to make up this category. Due to the nature of this project, it is simultaneously finished and never really complete. There are currently no new games planned for this project, but that can change at any time.

Association of Colonies: Space Cadets briefing

This is the overview to a series of games that take place in the Blazing Games Future History (Blazing Future). While this overview is not an action games, the other games in this collection are so this game is being classified as an action game.

April Fool (Open Source)

An action game where the goal is to avoid being hit by pies. A good way to practice your mouse skills.

April Fool 2 (Open Source)

An action game where the goal is to avoid being hit by pies. This time, your friend is not alone! A good way to practice your mouse skills.

Canada Day Flag Game (Open Source)

A simple game where you try to assemble the Canadian Flag as quick as you can.

Darts (4 of 4 releases, Open Source)

Darts is a fairly traditional game and is actually a variation of archery. There are many variants of the game, with this series consisting of 301, 501, 1001 and Around the Clock.

Deadly Dodge Ball

This is the game of Dodge Ball, but with deadly flaming fireballs. See how long you can survive.

Desktop Tennis (Open Source)

Three games based on one of the earliest ever arcade games. Bounce Challenge, One on One and Obstacle make up the three games that are combined into one.

Evil Eggs

Evil Eggs (Open Source)

Help the easter bunny by destroying all the evil eggs that pass by you.

Halloween Lich (Open Source)

A halloween themed action game just in time for Halloween. As this vision is now Open Source, you can easily place this game on your site or even make modifications to the game.

Independence Day Flag Game (Open Source)

A simple game where you try to assemble the American Flag as quick as you can.

Leap Year Leap

On Friday February 29th, 2008 (the 1 in every 28 years that February has 2 Fridays) this game was released to celebrate the leap year. The game is simple to play but hard to master with your goal being to run through non leap years while jumping over leap years. You get to exercise your brains and your reflexes at the same time!

Lights Out (Open Source)

A smashingly fun game that is also part of the Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development eBook.

Missile Master Solo Edition

Shoot down the missiles before they destroy your cities in this arcade game.

Mr. Holeman(5 of 4 Episodes, Open Source)

You must gather up crystals while avoiding deadly slimes by using portable holes.

Santa's Snowball (Open Source)

To prevent evil toy stealing Gnomes, Santa has ordered all his elves to take mandatory snowball target practice.

Space Station Defence

Defend a space station from a missile attack.

String Along (3 of 3 episodes, Open Source)

String Along is a variant of a classic computer game where you move your ever growing string around a play field in order to collect food (which makes it bigger). This game was developed as part of the Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development eBook.

132 Spikes
(3 of 2 Episodes)

You move a balloon through thirteen rooms. Each room has thirteen spikes. Only one spike in each room is positioned so it will not reach the ground. The Unlimited version adds multiple themes, a campaign editor, and the unlimited mode.

Valentine Heart

Twelve Months of Doomsday

A twelve part series of classic-inspired arcade games as you try to prevent Alein the Alien from her plans to take over the world..

Valentine Heart

Valentine Heart

Catch fourteen Hearts as quick as you can, but watch out for the broken hearts.

Vampire Attack (Open Source)

The goal of the game is to shoot all the vampires before they get you. There are thirteen levels, with the number and re spawn rate of the bats being based on the level you are on.

Vampire Attack 2

The goal of the game is to reach the vampire. To to so you will have to travel through 3 levels and battle the vampires' henchmen..

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