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Mr. Holeman

Fun on the run with portable holes.

Page Last Updated: August 29, 2006

System Requirements

This game is requires Java 1.1 or better to run. Browsers that support 1.1 tend to be 4.x or better versions. Windows XP users may have to download a Java plug in to use Java applets.


You are a scientist aboard a spaceship on a mission to explore strange new worlds. Unfortunately, the ship is running out of energy crystals. Luckily a planet that has energy crystals was just discovered. Of course, this planet is covered with deadly semi-intelligent slime. The decision is made to send down an expendable crew member to gather these crystals. Guess who that crew member is?

Playing the Game

Levels are made up of the following :


This is what you walk on. The wall types are Brick, Grass, and Metal. Your speed on grass is slower than on the other two materials. Due to the properties of metal, Portable Holes do not work on metal. Be careful of fake floors, which are indistinguishable from normal floors, as you will fall right through them.

* Ladders and Ropes
Ladders and rope are used for climbing. It is slower to climb a rope than a ladder.
Portable Holes
Portable Holes are holes that can be carried and moved. The spherical holes are dormant and are picked up by walking over them. Once a hole is used, you can pick it up and use it again. It is vital you learn how to use holes.
You can hang on chains and use them to cross areas.
Energy Crystals
These are what you are after. You must collect all the crystals on a level to advance to the next level.
Transport Gate
This gate will only appear once you have picked up all the crystals on a level. You use the gate by walking through it (or falling through it if it in the air).
These semi-intelligent creatures will chase you in order to offer you an invitation to be lunch.
Player (you)
Enough said!

Key Action
Up Climb up ropes or ladders.
Down Climb Down ropes or ladders. Let go of chains.
Left Move to the left.
Right Move to the right.
Z Make or get hole to the left.
X Make or get hole to the right.
Q Reset. Use when you trap yourself!
T Toggle Sound.

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Read the Tutorial
Play the Tutorial set

PLAY Holeman Set 1 (walkthrough)
PLAY Holeman Set 2 (walkthrough)
PLAY Holeman Set 3 (walkthrough)
PLAY Holeman Set 4 (walkthrough)
PLAY Holeman Bonus Set (walkthrough)

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Download the Construction Set

Read the Manual
Download the Level Sets

This game has been released as open source. The Holeman Open Source project is being hosted by Google and is located at

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