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Holeman Tutorial

As part of the upcoming release of the construction set a demo set of levels was created. This set was quickly put together and was meant to demonstrate all aspects of the game. I quickly realized that this set would be great as a tutorial. This game tutorial uses demo level set to cover all the aspects of playing this game. If you do not want to download the construction set (which has a release date of March 25, 2005 so you may not be able to yet), then you can play the demo level set using the tutorial link on the Holeman instruction page. Using the construction set has an additional feature that the applet version does not have. The construction set will let you start playing on any level that you desire. Granted, this tutorial is written linearly, so the applet version will work just fine for going through the tutorial.

Still, as a level set is broken into eight levels, this tutorial will contain eight sections (not counting the content page that you are currently reading). Each section is named after the level it explains.

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