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301, 501, 1001 and Around the Clock

Page Last Updated: October 26, 2006

System Requirements

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Darts is a fairly traditional game and is actually a variation of archery. There are many variants of the game, though initially I am only going to support the variation I was taught. Other variations will appear in future releases.


The big problem I had with this game is deciding how to get the skill required to play the real game translated into a game. My solution is to make the challenge of the game more of a timing and spatial memory challenge. This is done by having a partially blind throw. Players have an outline of the dart board and must try to place the dart where it will score the desired value. This is done by holding down the mouse button once the dart is at the right vertical position and then holding down the mouse until the dart is at the correct horizontal position.

301 mode

The basic game of 301 is very simple. For each round, each player throws three darts. Scoring only starts once a player has hit a double, triple or bullseye. The goal is to reach 301 points. The last scoring dart thrown must be a double and you must reach the score exactly. Going over or reaching 300 or reaching 301 without a double for the last scoring throw results in a forfeit of the points earned that round.

501 mode

This mode is the same as 301 mode, except that the target score is 501 instead of 301.

1001 mode

This mode is the same as the 301 mode, except that the target score is 1001 instead of 301

Around the Clock

This game mode is a bit different from the other three modes. Instead of reaching a particular score, the target here is to hit all the numbers in order. The version I play (and there are different versions of the rules) requires that the player first hit the bulls eye. This is followed by the numbers from 1 to 20 in order. Finally, the game is concluded by hitting the bulls eye . The game is played in rounds, so it is possible to tie the game if both players hit their final bulls eye in the same round.

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