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Desktop Tenis

Three arcade games based on one of the oldest arcade games ever released

Page Last Updated: April 1, 2006

System Requirements

This game requires the Flash Player 6 or greater plugin be installed in your brower.
You can get this plugin at Macromedia's web site by clicking here.


This game was originally going to be part of the book on Flash Game Development, but I decided instead to go with a different game for the book. the gamw was then enhanced by adding two additional game types. The game was still released in three parts. Each release adding one of the games. This would be the equivalent of an game with three episode.

Bounce Challenge

The first game is your simple practice where you try to hit the ball 50 times before the ball goes out of bounds. You only get one shot at this! The closer you get to your target, the faster the ball moves! The racket can be a bit tricky to control, but once you have figured out how it works, you will find that it gives you a fair bit of control over the ball.

One on One

This is your traditional tennis game, very similar to the old tv based tennis games except with nicer graphics. The game can be played single player against the computer or as a two player game against another human. In both cases the winner is the first player to reach 15 points.

The single player game uses the mouse as the controller. To keep the two player game fair, the keyboard is used. The following chart shows the keys that are used.

Player 1
Player 2


This game plays exactly the same as the One on One game, but with one minor additon. There are 3 randomly moving bumpers. The bumpers will cause the ball to bounce off of them making the ball movement much less predictable. As with One on One, the game can be played against the computer or against a human (both using the keys listed above).


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