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132 Spikes



This is a very simple game. You guide a balloon through thirteen rooms. Each room has thirteen spikes. Only one spike in each room is positioned so it will not reach the ground. You must move the balloon under that spike by clicking on the floor beneath the spike.To be more specific, you need to actually click on the floor portion, not the rising column portion. You will know when you are over a location that the balloon can be placed by the appearance of an X underneath the cursor. Be quick as the spikes are moving!

The pumpkin edition plays the same as the original version except the levels are different and the object you are trying to save from the spikes is a pumpkin. This version was released on October 13, 2006 to take advantage of both the occurrence of Friday the 13th and the fact that Halloween is in October.

One thing that I should point out is that as this is that the current versions of this game do not take into account the speed of your computer, but all animation is tied to the actual frame count. This is not an issue for most computers as they will run at the proper speed. Slower computers (and the beta version of the Wii web browser) may run the game at a slower speed . In other words, if you are finding that the game is too difficult, find an older computer that runs Flash and play it on that computer.

The unlimited version plays the same way as the original flash version with the addition of multiple themes, a construction set, and unlimited mode. The options screen lets you set the theme and campaign to use as well as turn sound on or off. The unlimited mode continues until you fail. The construction set lets you create levels by simply clicking on the playfield to change the heights of the columns.

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