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A Change In Scheduling

While the poll question was about the frequency of site updates, that was not really what this question was about. In addition to the frequency of the updates, I had a average hours per release estimate. What was really being asked was how many hours, on average, should be devoted to each release. I suppose they are two sides of the same coin.

My original plans were to go back to a monthly release schedule. My Dozen Days series would then be grouped int three episodes and every third month would be a Dozen Days trilogy release.

The results of the poll were all over the place. This would normally say to me that I should just go ahead with my original plans. To my surprise, this is not what I decided to do. My final decision was to go with a release every other week.

Why did I have this change of heart? I did some math. If I am putting in 50 hours per month, that means that each episode of Dozen Days is 16 hours. If every other week releases are assigned 24 hours, then that means that if I only put 16 hours into Dozen Days releases, the remaining 8 hours can be put into the other release that month giving it 32 hours. More frequent releases yet still a significant number of hours per episode seems to be the best option.

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