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Dozen Days of Words

A while ago there was a poll on the Blazing Games site asking which Dozen Days series should be developed. To my surprise, the result was Dozen Days of Words. With the theme already decided, the poll was about how the hours for the episodes should be allocated. The choice essentially boiled down to should I keep doing the games as game in a day challenges where I create the whole game in a single day or should I just limit the total hours allocated to the game and spread the development over a number of days.

I was expecting the game in a day option to win even though I personally think limiting the development hours but spreading the development out over multiple days would result in better results. The majority of voters felt the same way as I did. That means that I don't have to go against the majority. This is one case where I probably would have gone against the majority of voters unless it was a very high (over 80%) majority.

This leaves the question about how I am going to develop the episodes. To be honest, people who read my development blog are going to benefit from my plans. Every game in the series is going to be broken into four 4-6 hour sessions. Starting four weeks before the game is going to be released I will start the development of the game. Once a week I will then have a work session where I will post the done to a page linked to from my development blog so those who are interested can follow the games development as it happens.

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