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One of those Weeks

With the final episode being released December of 2008, the poll was not about the game but instead was about the interest level of a One of those Weeks novel. As many readers already know, One of those Weeks started out as an outline for a novel but ended up being converted to an adventure game.

This was the least answered question, though the majority who did answer it were interested in a novel version. For that reason, when I have am in a situation where I have a few minutes to spare I will try to spend that time writing small segments of the novel. Once I have enough segments written to finish a chapter, I will then take time to assemble the chapter. I used this method with a series of articles that I wrote and it worked fairly well and would have worked even better if I didn't have deadlines to meet.

While not related to the poll question, there is also the subject about the Making of One of those Weeks eBook and the open source releases of the series. I have special plans for the releases which tie in with another open source project I am working on. I think it is a rather neat plan and hope you will too but no further details will be released until my plans are about to come to fruition.

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