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Coffee Quest Forever

This poll question was the most answered one. In fact, there was one person who only answered this question! Clearly despite my repeated failure to get this game off the ground there is still a lot of interest in this game.

The poll results showed that nobody wanted me to cancel the series. How I should proceed was divided almost evenly between continuing work on the currently planned but over-ambitious design or to go with a simpler design.

I am not sure exactly how I should proceed at this point. The easiest solution would be to take my existing CQ4 engine and add the necessary stuff to support the story. I would then easily be able to have CQ5 running by the end of 2009, if not earlier. Flash is more accessible, and I do want to revamp the underlying skill and magic systems, if only so CQ6 remains potentially possible.

My plan then is to experiment with Flash 10 to see how much of my goals could be quickly implemented. What is still too difficult due to the limited 3D support will be simplified. It may not be the game I envision but it will hopefully be close. As some of the mechanics of CQ5 are the same as my Christmas game that I planed for 2007 but had to delay, I may also be able to kill that bird with the same stone. I would like to finally finish CQ5 in 2009, but I have been wanting that for quite a while.

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