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Comic book fans will probably understand the title of this section. For those poor souls who have never read a comic book, the section title is the comic book equivalent of a sound effect. In particular, this sound effect would be used when a character was being teleported somewhere.

The code to handle the teleportation of the player is very simple. A tiny bit of code is added to the processDoor function for cases where the player is entering a trap. It is placed just after the select statement that was used to move the movie play-head to the appropriate frame. Here is the code to handle the teleportation game mode in it’s entirety.

In other words, if the game type is the teleportation game, the room number is randomly selected, otherwise the room is set to 0 (which is the first room).

Despite the huge amount of time required to write the above code (the above code took me about two minutes to write) I still had plenty of time to add stuff to the game. I knew before I even wrote the above code that it would be a very simple addition. That is why in my schedule, I decided that the third release would have the addition of sound. Sound was obtained by using my palm’s built in voice recorder. The quality from this is not that great, but it is adequate for this game. One simply needs to record the sound and then import the wave file into Flash.

There are many other ways of getting sound for your games. If you have a microphone and a decent sound card, you can record right to the computer. Of course, if your computer has noisy fans the results may not be that great. Finding public domain sounds or royalty free sounds are another good alternative. I had considered using royalty free sounds for the game, but didn’t want the hassle of getting permission to release the sounds as part of the Open Source Release of the game. If you are not planning on releasing your game as open source, using a royalty free sound effects library could be a good solution as the libraries I have seen have very good quality sounds and there are a lot of different collections available.

We now have a complete game.

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