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LocationBlazing Games - Ultimate Retro Project - Volume 5 - Episode 53

Ultimate Retro Project
Episode 53: Classic Hotdog Stand


Modern Maze

Earn money with your own business

Page Last Updated: August 22, 2008


In this game you play a teenager. Your computer sucks so you want a new one that is capable of playing the top end games. Of course your parents won't get you a new computer but your dad does run a Hotdog supply company. He said that he would give you Hotdog supplies (groceries) and let you use his old hotdog stand. So now you need to run a hotdog stand to earn enough money for a new computer.

This is a for fun simulation and a lot of details that would be required (business license, power, health inspection) are not present. Likewise there are a lot more customers than would probably be realistic and those customers are far less fussy than in the real world.

System Requirements

This game is requires Java 1.1 or better to run. Browsers that support 1.1 tend to be 4.x or better versions. Windows XP users may have to download a Java plug in to use Java applets.

Revision History

First Release on August 22, 2008!

This game is open source with the source code being hosted at

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