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LocationBlazing Games - Ultimate Retro Project - Volume 5

Ultimate Retro Project

Volume 5: Adventure Awaits!

Episode 49: Classic Maze

A maze generator

Modern Maze

Episode 50: Modern Maze

The maze generator from classic maze, but presented in a more visually appealing way and timed solving of the mazes.

Classic Monster Hunt

Episode 51 Classic Monster Hunt

A Medusa is terrorizing the local temple. You, an expert archer, have infiltrated the temple and am attempting to shoot the Medusa through a doorway (so you are not turned to stone) though as you lost your arrows while sneaking into the temple you must first find your arrows while avoiding deadly traps and the Medusa.

Modern Monster Hunt

Episode 52: Modern Monster Hunt

The Modern version of Monster Hunt adds a point and click interface. As with the classic version, you need to find out where the medusa is (so you can shoot it through the doorway as if you enter the same room as the medusa you will be turned to stone) while trying to find your arrows and avoiding traps.

Classic Hotdog Stand

Episode 53: Classic Hotdog Stand

In order to earn money to buy a new computer you decide to start a hotdog stand.

Modern Hotdog Stand

Episode 54: Modern Hotdog Stand

Run a hotdog stand, but this time there is a GUI and pretty pictures.

Classic Melee

Epsiode 55 Classic Melee Combat

The arena is a multi-stage competition that places upcoming heroes against a variety of monsters. The crowds watching even throw things into the arena which you can gather and keep. There are 11 separate matches, but in order to participate in a given match, you must have won a match in a proceeding category.

Modern Melee Combat

Episode 56: Modern Melee Combat

The modern version of the Melee Combat game. As with the classic version, you must go through 11 arenas and fight the monsters contained in the arena. The audience will occasionally throw things into the arena which you can use to aid you.

Classic Text Adventure

Episode 57:Classic Text Adventure

Text adventures use to be a mainstay of gaming so it is only appropriate that this collection contain one. As this episode is being released on Halloween, there is a horror theme involved.

Modern Adventure

Episode 58: Modern Adventure

The classic text adventure with graphics and a point and click interface.

Classic Dungeon Romp

Episode 59 Classic Dungeon Romp

Thrown into a dungeon, the only way to escape is to find the key hidden on the 11th floor of the dungeon. Finding a key sounds easy, the only problem is that you are not alone!

Modern Dungeon Romp

Episode 60: Modern Dungeon Romp

This is a 2D version of the Dungeon Romp game. Eventually I hope to also offer a 3D version. As with the classic game, you are in a dungeon and must work your way down to the eleventh level to find the key and escape the dungeon.

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