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LocationBlazing Games - Ultimate Retro Project - Volume 5 - Episode 60

Ultimate Retro Project
Episode 60: Modern Dungeon Romp


Dungeon Romp Christmas Edition

A dungeon exploration game

Page Last Updated: Decemer, 2010

Overview - Standard and Deadly Edition

The villagers warned you to never enter the forest as the Zoltarian Elves live there. While Elves normally are friendly to humans, the Zoltarian Elves are the followers of an evil Lich and will not allow anyone into their village. When your cat ran into the Woods, you had to chase after it. Unfortunately, you stumbled into a trap and was captured by the elves. The elves, having found your cat, were going to let you leave with just a near-mortal beating, but when their priest sensed that you had magical potential, they decided to instead throw you into their dungeon. "But," the priest told you, "we are not heartless. On the eleventh level of the dungeon there is a key. If you can get the key, we will let you and your cat leave." What the priest omitted telling you was that you are not alone in the dungeon. Good luck.

Overview - Christmas edition

In place of a more elaborate christmas game, which needs more time so will be delayed for a year, I am doing a special version of Dungeon Romp. I suppose you could call this a total conversion as all the items and monsters have been replaced with new ones (though I kept the existing spells). The story is also slightly different. While on a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus, you are kidnapped by the evil gnomes and thrown into their dungeon filled with evil toys. Thankfully, the gnomes aren't too bright and have left the key to the dungeon on the seventh level.

System Requirements

This game is requires Java 1.1 or better to run. Browsers that support 1.1 tend to be 4.x or better versions. Windows XP users may have to download a Java plug in to use Java applets.

Revision History

First Release on May 25, 2007!

July 6th released version 1.1: Fixed animation (so it no longer slows down game) and added keyboard support to popups.

July 20th Released 1.1.1 as part of Deadly Edition release. Reduces amount of health you get when respawning, fixes negative magic point bug, fixes monsters killed by magic not dropping items bug.

December 7, 2007 released the Christmas Edition

July 3, 2009 Dungeon Romp 3D beta

September 18, 2009 Dungeon Romp 3D 1.0

September 25, 2009 Dungeon Romp 3D Deadly Edition

December 1, 2010 Dungeon Romp 3D Christmas Edition

This game is open source with the source code being hosted at

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