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Dozen Days of Words: Circle Word


Circle Word
Your standard Circle Word Generator

Page Last Updated: June 11, 2010


There was a decision to switch this series from using Flash (compiled with the free FlexSDK) to using HTML 5. As Billy D. Spelchan is still getting his JavaScript/HTML 5 legs, it was decided that the first HTML 5 game in this series would be a port of an existing Java game that Blazing Games developed. This is the circle word game.

System Requirements

This game requires a browser that supports the HTML 5 canvas tag and that has Scripting enabled. While Internet Explorer does not (as of IE8) support the canvas tag, a utility called excanvas is used to allow this at a cost in performance.

Revision History


This game was developed for Blazing Games Inc. by Billy D. Spelchan

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