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Dozen Days Pentalogy

Dozen Days of Words

Volume 2 of the Dozen Days Pentalogy

Scrambled PyramidEpisode 1: Scrambled Pyramid

Four words, each related to a common topic, are scrambled. Can you figure out what the words are?

Scrambled PyramidEpisode 2: Alphabet Points

While not technically a Word game, it does use letters and was the game that I just couldn't get out of my head so it is episode 2. Don't worry, I will try to make sure that further episodes are much more word oriented.

HangmanEpisode 3: Hangman

The classic word game that everyone should be familiar with. Hangman is the game where you must figure out the secret word before the hangman hangs you.

Growing WordsEpisode 4: Growing Words

Remove all the words from the word list before the game board is filled with the growing letters.

Word SlideEpisode 5: Word Shift

Another semi-original game that I am calling word-shift. It can best be described as a combination of my Rotation Puzzle game with my Growing Words game.

Word SlideEpisode 6: Word Slide

A combination of a sliding puzzle and Growing Words

CrosswordEpisode 7: Crossword

A crossword puzzle themed around Blazing Games.

Word SlideEpisode 8: Trivia Bomb

A trivia game with an explosive time limit. You must correctly answer 3 questions (from a choice of 6) before the fuse runs out. Four increasingly more difficult levels make up this game..

Word SlideEpisode 9: Crystal Skull

Not really a word game, but it was a game that I couldn't get out of my mind and it does have sentences in it.

History BombEpisode 10: History Bomb

Another trivia game. This time, however, the player must sort lists into proper order before the bomb explodes.

Circle WordEpisode 11: Circle Word

Like crosswords, circle words are another well known word puzzle that has to be included in this collection even if I have already written a version in anothe language. The decision to switch to HTML 5 for the remainder of this series made this port a must.

Morse CodeEpisode 12: Morse Code

Morse code, while a bit obsolete, was an interesting way messages were sent when I was a kid. A plastic blinder type device occationally were found in cereal boxes and kids would use these to send messages by opening and closing the blinders to form the dot and dash patters written on the back of the device.

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