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These are more traditional games that generally are played on a table. Board games, Card games, and Casino games make up this category.

Individual Games

3D Tic Tac Toe (Open Source)

By adding a third dimension this otherwise simple game becomes a fairly challenging game. Part of the Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development eBook.

Big Wheel

A big wheel on which you bet which coin will come up. An original version of a common carnival game.

Cribbage Square (Open Source)

A simple solitaire game that will help you improve your cribbage hand counting abilities. You must place the delt cards on empty grid locations with the ultimate goal of scoring the ultimate point value for each row, column and diagonal.

Fleet (Open Source)

In this classic game that use to be played with pen and paper, you control a fleet of ships. You have an opponent who also controls a fleet of ships. Your goal is to destroy your opponents fleet of ships before your opponent can destroy your fleet of ships

Four in a Row

Take turns against the computer dropping chips down a series of chutes with the goal being to line up four chips horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Pent Up Anger (Open Source)

A board game where you must move your five pieces from their starting location to the ending location. To make things a bit more interesting, only one piece is allowed on any location so if you land on an occupied piece, you send that piece back to the starting location.

Poker Square (Open Source)

Poker Square is a solo game where you try to make the best twelve poker hands that you can by arranging cards into a 5x5 grid.

Solitaire Board game

Solitaire Board Game
(2 Boards)

Remove all the marbles by jumping over other marbles, leaving the last marble in the center of the board.

Video Poker (5 of 5 episodes, Open Source)

Your typical traditional alley of video poker machines, except this one doesn't cost you money! Includes 10s or Better, Jacks or Better, and 3 other machines that will be eventually released


Dice Rolling utility - A simple tool that generates dice rolls for you. Usefull when you can't find your dice .

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