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LocationBlazing Games - One of those Weeks - Day 5

One of those Weeks

One of those Weeks Episode 30
The fifth day of the week


Page Last Updated: March 12, 2009


A secret underground network of caves leading to some type of strange facility. For the second day in a row, you have been knocked unconscious and are probably desperately hoping that the trend doesn't continue. So you start this day, as with every other day, with a dream. This dream is slightly different from other dreams that you have had as you will find out during the day!

Day 5 of the game is broken into six separate episodes numbered from 29 to 34 (as the episodes are part of a larger game). As with other days, you can play them in any order but it is best if you play them in the proper order. You should also have played through the first four days before going through this day. That being said, if you do have problems going through one of the episodes, you can skip it to go to the next episode with very little problems.

System Requirements

While earlier days can be played with Flash Player 7, the episodes for this day requires the Flash Player 9 or greater plug in be installed in your browser.
You can get this plug in at Adobe's web site by clicking here

Revision History


All the episodes that make up this day, the Making of Chapters and Open Source versions have been released.


All the work on this day's episodes was done by Billy D. Spelchan with a small amount of artwork from Mary Caton

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