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LocationBlazing Games - Ultimate Retro Project - Volume 3

Ultimate Retro Project

Volume 3: Bored? So Board!

Episode 25: Classic 5D8

A dice game that I created based on 8 sided dice. You roll five eight sided dice and try to form different combinations to get a high score.

Episode 26: Modern 5D8

The classic 5D8 dice game, but with a much nicer point and click scoring system to make playing the game easier. Also, to make the game more enjoyable to play, the dice are graphical and animated.

Episode 27: Classic Checkers

Checkers, the text way. What do I mean by the text way? well, the board is shown as a grid of text symbols and you enter your moves by typing in coordinates.

Episode 28: Modern Checkers

Checkers done the modern way. This means that the board appears graphically and that you move by dragging your chips to where you want to put them.

Episode 29: Classic Pyramid Solitaire

A solitaire game where you attempt to remove all the cards in the pyramid by forming pairs of cards that add up to 13.

Episode 30: Modern Pyramid Solitaire

A solitaire game where you attempt to remove all the cards in the pyramid by forming pairs of cards that add up to 13.

Episode 31 Classic Backgammon

The triangle board actually does work with text. In fact it is possible to use text to draw out the board with the results being decent.

Episode 32 Modern Backgammon

Triangles, chips, and dice in all their graphical glory. While the text version did a good job of displaying the board, the graphical version just looks nicer. And it runs faster. And it has an easier to use drag and drop interface for playing the game.

Episode 33 Classic Reversi

This strategy game is a simplified variation of the ancient game of go. The game uses a game board the same size as a checkers or chess board except traditionally the board does not have a checkers pattern (though I have played the game on a checkers board and don’t see what the big deal is. I guess purists just like to hear the sound of their own voices).

Episode 34 Modern Reversi

The modern version of Reversi. Just to annoy purists, this version uses a standard checkerboard!


Episode 35 Classic Cribbage

The classic version of this classic card game. Quite simply you must reach 121 points before your opponent (human or computer) by forming the best cribbage hands you can and by outplaying your opponent.

Modern Cribbage

Episode 36 Modern Cribbage

The modern version of the Cribbage game adds visual cards and a pegging board with a simple click interface.

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